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Mission Statement: Murray State College Provides Opportunities for Student Learning, Personal Growth, Professional Success, and Community Enhancement.

The Student Affairs Division supports the Murray State College mission statement and we are dedicated to making your educational and personal journey a great experience. For over 100 years MSC faculty and staff have been dedicated to assisting students as they obtain their academic and personal goals. The Student Affairs is committed to providing excellent customer service to our students and we consider you a member of the MSC family. Our purpose is to serve you in a professional capacity while making you feel at home. As a new college student, you may wish to participate in the student senate, campus activities, athletic events, volunteer opportunities, and clubs and organizations. We exist to serve our students and are always willing to provide support and guidance as you pursue success. When you select a community college as your initial step into higher education, you have made a wise choice to belong to something special.

Welcome to Murray State College, I hope you enjoy being part of our institution and our community.

Quinton Jones
Executive Director of Student Affairs
Student Affairs Office
Resident Housing Office #2
(580) 387-7139

Becky Henthorn
VP of Academic and Student Affairs

Student/Public Concerns Reporting

Murray State College is committed to fostering a safe, positive learning and working environment where all can pursue their career or educational goals and participate in college-sponsored activities. All members of the campus community are provided protection and due process of their individual rights against unfair and improper action.  The well-being of all individuals within our community is a significant priority. ​ The following forms (can be used to report issues within our community to ensure the above commitment is met. In an emergency situation, call 911

Student/Community Issue and Concern Form ​​

This form should be used to report issues or concerns, include:

Academic/Faculty Concerns, Campus Safety, Security, or Crime, Faculty Proficiency in English, Housing Issues, Personal Concerns (yours or of another student), Student Complaints, Free Speech Complaints, Student Conduct or alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct

Title IX and Discrimination Reporting Form

This form should be used to report all complaints of discrimination, including:

National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Ethnic Group Identification, Language/Accent Ancestry, Color, Marital Status, Disability (physical or mental), Race, Immigration Status, Gender Identity, Retaliation, Age, Veteran Status, or Medical condition.

Or incidents involving: Stalking, sexual misconduct, sexual exploitation, or sexual harassment/discrimination. In an emergency situation, call 911.

Academic Integrity Violation Form

Murray State College strictly adheres to upholding the principles of academic integrity while striving to incorporate, assess, and recognize the scholarly excellence of its students. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain the integrity of his/her class-assigned work and to be familiar with what constitutes academic integrity; it is the responsibility of both student and faculty to deal with infractions against this integrity code.

Grade Appeal Form

The evaluation of student performance reflected in the final course grade becomes a part of the permanent student record and is recorded on the college transcript for the student. This grade is based upon several specified grading factors identified in the course syllabus. If a student believes those grading methods were not consistently and accurately followed when the faculty member determined the student’s final grade, then they may file a grade appeal. Please review these procedures in the Student Handbook.

Academic Integrity Decision Appeal

A student accused of academic misconduct may choose to appeal the decision of his/her instructor by going to the Vice President of Academic Affairs to rescind the instructor’s decision or for validation of that decision. The student must bring his/her appeal within ten (10) days of the instructor’s decision as announced to the student.

Student Conduct Decision Appeal

In cases where a student has been disciplined for student behavior in or out of the classroom, that is not the overall course grade or academic integrity. This includes suspension from Academic programs due to behavior.

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Student Complaints

Students attending Murray State College should pursue concerns directly with MSC using the Student Issue and Concerns Form. If MSC has responded, but the student disagrees with the response, the student may elect to follow the MSC Appeals processes. It is important to examine the processes carefully in an effort to know when the student has exhausted the appeals process.

If the student pursues the complaint using MSC’s formal complaint/appeal process to the highest possible level and still perceives the concerns have not been adequately addressed, the student may file a complaint against MSC with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSHRE).

It is important to note that the student must have exhausted MSC’s complaint and appeal process before the OSHRE will attempt to help the student identify any possible resolution with the institution.

The link below is for the OSRHE Complaint Form

Out-of-state Online Students (National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA)

For out-of-state, online students dissatisfied with MSC's determination on their complaint can contact the OSRHE via this link: SARA Student Complaints. Additional information about SARA student complaints can be found here. Please note that this is specifically for out-of-state students. Oklahoma residents, even if attending 100% online, should refer to the "Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Student Complaints" and use the provided link.

Athletic Drug Testing for Student Athletes (docx)
Health Care Programs Code of Conduct Disciplinary Form (docx)