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Academic Affairs

Academics Contact Information

Name  Title Office Phone
Staci Bettes Language Arts Program Chair 580-387-7465
Jayne Campanini OTA Director/Program Chair 580-387-7442
Brian Cothran Dean of the School of Agriculture, Business and Occupational Technology 580-387-7403
Lonny Goff Manufacturing Program Chair 580-387-7540
Terri Greer Library Director 580-387-7301
Lonny Goff Manufacturing Program Chair 580-387-7540
Tracey Hickman Dean of Learning and Student Success 580-387-7478
Maelessa Harrell Exec Assistant to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs 580-387-7110
Becky Henthorn Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs 580-387-7181
Amy McCain Online Dean 580-387-7411
Chad Mercer Gunsmithing Program Chair 580-387-7482
Dan Moore Dean of the School of Health and Science 580-387-7505
Aaron Mullens Health-Wellness-Human Performance Program Chair 580-387-7587
Malaika Horton Nursing Program Chair 580-387-7421
Gary Robinson PTA Director/Program Chair 580-387-7441
Laura Sandman Veterinary Nursing Chair 580-387-7524
John Whitehead Mathematics Program Chair 580-319-0324
Melanie Whitehead Curriculum Director
Susan Yeager Dean of  the  School of Arts Education and Social Sciences  580-387-7461

Academic Integrity (PDF)

Faculty Credentials (PDF)